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  1. Engineers, teachers, dancers and businessmen. Gitanjali used to carry so many identities at once. But today he left everything in a WhatsApp and went to Ladakh. He has become one of Sonam Wangchuck’s hopes for educating Ladakh.
  2. Sonam Wangchuck must be remembered. Who is also the inspiration for the main character of Aamir Khan’s famous film ‘Three Idiots’. He received the Ramon Magsaysay Award in 2017 for his social work in Ladakh.
  3. In 2016, Sonam started an educational institution called ‘Himalayan Institute of Alternatives’ in the snow-covered Himalayas. The purpose is not only to teach biblical knowledge, but also to teach students the lessons of life by hand. Gitanjali has become Sonam’s hope because of that colorful life.
  4. Gitanjali was born in a Punjabi family in Balasore, Orissa. Gitanjali’s father moved from Lahore during the partition. Gitanjali holds an MBA from Xavier’s Management School in Bhubaneswar. Then for 6 years he worked in a corporate house. He was also abroad for employment.
  5. While working in Denmark, he set up an engineering firm and a publishing house. Back in the country, Gitanjali joined a hospital in Pondicherry. The Cambridge School was built in Chennai in 2015. He entered the field of education through this school. Gitanjali used to teach in that school.

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