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Every nation exists to bring its essence as a contribution to human evolution. For India, that essence is Spirituality, the fountainhead of its culture and the foundation of its individual and collective life! But what is True Spirituality? Is it an escape from life or a fulfillment of it? Is it an abstract mental pursuit or a practical tool for resolving the outer crisis of man which is symptomatic of his inner crisis of consciousness? This webinar and Decisive Action Area aims to rediscover the Vedic view of life-affirming Spirituality in the light of Sri Aurobindo!

Barely had the fanfare died down on the 73rd anniversary of India’s acclaimed tryst with destiny than another tryst with national transformation was already on the potter’s wheel. On 22 August, Transform India was launched in association with the Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Indian Culture (SAFIC), Puducherry. The platform is destined to spearhead a great national self-discovery and abundant self-expression in all areas of individual and collective life over the next two years.

At its vision casting seminar, the philosophical foundations for a revival of Indian thought and powerful initiatives in the following 12 Decisive Action Areas:

Spirituality & Consciousness, Language & Literature, Politics & Governance, Art & Culture, Technology & Artisanship, Health & Wellness, Education & Research, Humanities & Liberal Arts, Dairy & Agriculture, Design & Architecture, Business & Economics and Maths & Pure Sciences.

The finale of this two-year project will culminate in two milestone celebrations. The completion of 75 years of Indian Independence and 150 years of Sri Aurobindo’s birth in 2022. The ensuing 22 months, will see the consolidation of action research deliverables carried out in the 12 Areas. Implementation of these ideas as micro-enterprises will follow; thereby transforming India, one village at a time.

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