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How does one pursue all the varied interests when stuggling with the inevitability and harsh reality of earning one’s living? Not taking the easy way of giving up on her interests, Gitanjali JB decided to go ahead chasing her dreams of doing what she felt a keen interest for, without worrying if she ever had a chance of bringing them all together for a constructive cause. While pursuing her passions, she realised that each of her interests was enhancing her life in a way that would not have been possible otherwise. It was not just the thrill of learning something new, but the process of learning gave her insights that made her expertise in the complementing fields more pronounced. Before you decide to give up an interest because of lack of time or just wondering what will you do by pursuing it, watch this inspirational talk by Gitanjali, and you will have a totally new perspective on learning and life and how they go hand in hand!

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